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Ornamental Bitter-Melon 

Monstera lidded bowl
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Honolulu Museum of Art School
Studio Benefit
Ikebana Container Sale
May 19-22, 2016
10 AM - 4 PM
30-100% proceeds goes to the school.
Above are my pieces for the sale, more coming out of the kiln.
Another Book!
Excited and Grateful to have some of my work in the book
Complete Book of Gourd Carving
Revised and Expanded edition
Jim Widess and Ginger Summit


"Waiting to Bloom"
1st Place in Carving, Masters Division
Best in Masters Division
Judges' Choice
Best in Show
California Gourd Society Gourdstock
San Diego, CA,
June 2013


Aloha and Welcome!

I've been fascinated by gourds since 2003. That makes it 12 years this year!! How time flies!
After looking at a red-painted birdhouse
in a book my auntie Ria had sent us,
without any experience in carving, painting or even drawing, I just had a sudden urge to get a gourd.
I picked up the tools we had and just like that, I was addicted! (Nobody had warned me!)

After all these years, it's still a hobby rather than a business.

Gourd is a beautiful gift from nature. It takes about six months to grow and six more months to cure them.
They have been an
important part of history of many cultures throughout the world and still play an important role in the Hawai'ian culture. They're used widely in the hula dance and traditional chants.

I have a high respect for gourds. They're beautiful as they are and when working with them, I try my best to preserve the beauty of their natural shapes, textures, unique characters and "imperfections" by designing them accordingly. The last thing I want to do is taking away the gourd's natural beauty. 

I have been using paints that last and better suit even the Hawai'ian humid and sunny weather.

The beautiful tropical flowers, leaves and the gentlest creature, the giant green sea turtles here on the islands give me inspirations for the designs. Most of my work are carved or woodburned, some cut-out. They're all done right on my lanai (deck) at my home, here in Hawai'i. Each design is original and freehand, sketched and painted by me.
From seeing my mother's tremendous appreciation for natural things and curves, I grew stronger in believing in their beauties that I saved my ruler only for measuring the gourds and never to make straight lines in my designs. 

To see what's available at this time, please visit the What's Available page

If you have a non-island designs or different styles in mind, I'll be glad to introduce you to my wonderful gourder friends. I have a lot of wonderful gourder friends who specialize in different things, such as human figures and Native Americans that I'm fond of but not good at. I would be happy to ask them to contact you directly.

 Check out the Ceramics Page !

Mini Philodendron Sheath Earrings
Made from island-grown sheaths
Hand-sculpted Earrings

Acrylic Paintings
on canvas and paper



Ceramics had always been on my list of what I'd like to do, even before I discovered  gourds. While waiting for the right time to try my hands on ceramics, I fell in love with gourds and I was afraid to add ceramics into my life for a while. 

Here are some of my creations:


Click on an image above to view them in larger sizes and more ceramics.

   ~Island Crafts~

I've been working with natural seed pod earrings. The dolphin earrings might bring you back the sweet childhood memories if you grew up on the islands. I have also been working with palm barks of different sizes to make short table vases to tall floor vases. To view what's done so far, please visit Island Crafts
I will continue to work with natural island material.

The page was last updated on April 30th, 2016


  Mahalo for visiting!

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